About Us

Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) is an integrated Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) with an encompassing mandate of investment promotion and attraction; export development and promotion including the management of Nation Branding.

The organization plays a critical role of driving Botswana’s economic growth through attraction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), domestic investment, facilitation of expansions and further spearheads the growth of exports by promoting locally manufactured goods to regional and international markets.

BITC drives wealth creation for Batswana by creating platforms that will initiate and ensure increased citizen participation in the economy and create sustainable job opportunities. Of great importance within the role of this organization is building and maintaining a positive and impressive image of our country locally and internationally.

Our Vision

BITC will be a leading (apex) Investment and Trade Promotion for the transformation of Botswana into a globally recognized trade and investment destination.

Our Mission

We innovatively attract investment and facilitate export for Botswana’s economic diversification and job creation by promoting Botswana as a place to visit, live and invest in.

Our Values

    • Humility - is not self-denigration, but a genuine pride in what one knows and the skills one has. However, it is an acute awareness of what one does not know and the skills one does not have. The humble leadership and staff of the BITC will be open to the ideas of others, and actively solicit others’ opinions and ideas to add to their own. It is a gentle way of asking instead of telling. “We strengthen me.”
    • Agility - is to be “change-fit”, open to new ways of working as and when they are required. It is also openness to new ideas which are integrated into practice because they are an improvement.
    • Curiosity - is not merely an openness to new ideas, but an active seeking of new ideas, information and insights. It is an insatiable desire to know more about more and more.
    • Boldness - is the drive to innovate and make changes in their sphere of influence. It’s the total resolve to challenge the status quo at an individual and organisational level for the good of all